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‘Frozen’ Has Made Over $1 Billion Internationally


Everyone seems to really, really love Frozen. I still haven’t watched it, but kids and adults are nuts for this shit. They won’t stop singing Idina Menzel‘s ‘Let It Go’ – a song I know far too well for never having actually seen it. It even won several Oscars last Sunday for Best Animated Feature and Best Song.

Well, Disney reached a new milestone with Frozen this week, as its global box office sales surpassed $1 billion. ONE BILLION! That’s so much money! Sales were an estimated $388.8 million in the US and $611.5 million internationally since its release last November, which is not too shabby. It’s apparently the second highest-grossing animated film of all time globally and the most profitable non-sequel animated picture ever.

Have you guys seen it? Is it worth watching?

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  • It could be because I was PMS-ing at the time, but I’ve never been as moved by an animated movie as when I saw Frozen. Watch it!

  • Alright, now I’ve got to see it. I dug Tangled! That shiz made this skeptical asshole shed a little tear during the lantern scene. Gotta wonder if Alan Menken did the music for Frozen – he is just THE BEST. Ima IMDB it……

  • I liked it a lot. They finally ‘let go’ of the whole prince and princess thing and focused on sibling love instead.

  • Crazy good movie for me and my 10-year old and I will be sure to purchase the Blue Ray when available (I literally never do that!).
    I did not choose the 3-D theatre experience but would recommend it as I could tell there were some scenes that would have been even better. I can’t believe I even cried when the (spoiler alert!)….sister was frozen then was loved back to life. Fast paced full story line with lots going on. Olaf the snow man was super funny and the song he sang called “In summer” was very clever. This movie is sure to be a classic and stand the test of time.

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