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Miley Cyrus Won’t Be Your Tinkerbell

miley cyrus

NBC found ratings gold with their live Sound of Music disaster a few months back, so now they want to recreate the magic with Peter Pan. Somehow, some yahoo started the rumour that Miley Cyrus would be taking on the role of Tinkerbell, and while that’s completely ludicrous and even sounds made up, apparently US Weekly or People (can’t tell which from the picture) thought it was worth printing in their magazine and some of Miley’s Smilers got preemptively excited.

Miley, being the bad ass rebel that she is, would NEVER take part in such a production and would apparently rather “choke on her own tongue” than be part of it:

I can see why that would be the case. How could a beloved children’s tale hold any value to Miley? She’s giving the kids all the education they’ll ever need on her Bangerz tour – plus free merch, to boot!

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  • “I would rather choke on my own tongue” I think everyone knows what I could add to this statement. My question is, why the attitude? Life seems to be going her way so why so snarky about everything that might not be to her taste. She’s no bad ass, she’s just a rude ass who acts like a child with a big running mouth.

  • look at that derp face!!!! OK…i am starting to understand now, why she gets her ho on….because someone obviously was straight-up with her & told her to work it while she’s got it, that smooth booty i mean, because her face just AIN’T. CUTTIN’ IT. and it’s never gonna cut it. i mean that is one ugly muthafuckin’ mug roight there, folks. my gawd, make it stop… betcha her many suitors, or *ahem* bangerz, pardon the pun, all demand doggy style to avoid her terrifying O face. ; / welcome to my nightmares…

  • Hey I’m a huge Miley fan, and I’d love “meat” her… love that tongue stuck out and I’m down home, get ‘er done, having fun, and son of a gun type of guy, and her nude on that wrecking ball was it for me.. I want her so badly I can taste her.

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