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Watch: Katy Perry Goes Egyptian in the ‘Dark Horse’ Video

dark horse katy perry

Well, this was never going to end well. Katy Perry has gone full-on Egyptian for for the ‘Dark Horse’ video, which is a shame, because I rather preferred the whole witches’ coven/The Craft vibe she had going during her performance of this track at the Grammys, to be honest.

It’s still a great song and will do really well, no doubt, but it’s a bit strange and I’m sure the cultural appropriation police will be ringing their bells anytime now (especially after the whole geisha thing). I like it, generally speaking, and as far as videos go, it could be a lot worse.

What do you think?

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  • HOW could it possibly be any worse?! It looks cheap and cheesy and the video doesn’t match up with the song at all. It’s like I took a bad acid trip to Egypt, and I never want to see this hot mess again for the rest of my life.