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‘Fess Up: How Many of You Still Watch Judge Judy?

judge judy

Judge Judy has been on the air for 18 years, and it’s one of those shows that rounds out daytime TV and ends up being left on in the background when you’re home sick/playing hooky and you’ve already seen that paternity ep of Maury. It’s one of those shows that’s a last resort rather than a first choice, appointment viewing type of program… and yet Judge Judy posted its highest ratings in 11 years this week. WHAT?

From Entertainment Weekly:

The long-running daytime strip featuring the gavel-swinging Judy Sheindlin just posted her highest-rated week in 11 years. According to Nielsen data for the week ending Feb. 9, Judge Judy averaged 11.91 million daily viewers — her best audience since the week ending Feb. 17 in 2003. She’s also up 13% in viewers versus last year (11.91 versus 10.53 million).

Judge Judy first premiered in 1996.

What’s with the boost? More unemployed people? More people who can’t get out because of this shitty winter weather? Admit it, guys – how many of you love Judge Judy? I’ll hold my hand up there! (Also, how weird that this story came out when I just referenced her the other day?)

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  • Oh, I love her. I have been watching since I popped out my twin daughters. HAHA! I love listening to her yell at dumb people who think that “borrowed them the money” is a proper phrase in the English language.