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Well, Khloe Kardashian Is Being a Bit of a Dick

khloe kardashian

I love animals, but I also love to eat them and don’t really have a problem with people wearing them as coats. I think PETA is a bunch of bullshit and their tactics are horrendous, but I also feel like Khloe Kardashian‘s recent foray into the blood-smeared “Fuck Your Fur” world is tasteless and kinda corny (not to mention a waste of good fur).

If I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought this was Kim and she’d been put up to it by Kanye, who really wanted to make a statement against the man! But alas… Apparently this is indeed fake fur, and the design on the jacket was made that way, not spray-painted on (FASHION!) – after all, Khloe is an animal lover and used to be part of PETA… until they flour-bombed Kim on the red carpet back in 2012. CLASSIC!

Here she is showing off her piece of shit coat:

Awful! And I bet it cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, “faux” or not. Speaking of the whole “faux” bit, apparently people on Twitter don’t really know what that means and were giving her shit about the coat, which then further enraged her. Hilarious!

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  • From what I understand Khloe thought it said “faux”? she tweeted later that she couldn’t fathom that people did not know “faux meant fake”. Her jacket clearly says FXCK… so it does look much more like she meant “fuck your fur” not “faux your fur” and maybe got called out on it? I’m confused… how does faux factor in?

  • I think the faux comes in from it being a fake fur coat with “fxck ur fur” on it? I’m just guessing. But it does nothing for her argument if it is a real fur coat. Stop the manufacture, but when the coat’s already made – does it make that animal’s loss TOTALLY pointless to then ruin said coat? I think a lot of PETA’s meaning gets lost in the message.

    Khloe DID however model for PETA; she did an “I’d rather go naked” campaign. She is a poser and a fake for not calling our her sister and Kanye for their conspicuous consumption of fur. And PETA is no better for not calling that out. But who am I kidding – none of these people will call one another out because each is a money maker for the other .

  • They don’t do many things that are right because they are the shallowest people on the planet but I always thought it was great that khloe stands up for what she believes and others should follow her ! Those poor animals are put through hell ! I don’t know how anyone could ever wear fur and feel good about it . It should be banned world wide ! Forever !