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This Is How Katy Perry Does The Beatles

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Katy Perry took part in the Grammys’ Beatles tribute for CBS this week, and some Beatles megafans are not happy with her version of ‘Yesterday’, claiming it was “gross” and that she changed the words to suit her whim. Frankly, I think she did a pretty great job for her (especially considering some of her other, less successful live performances) and the biggest offense here is the outfit. Like, what? I get she’s going for ethereal beauty, but… girl, no.

All said, I think her voice sounded great – Katy has always worked really well in an acoustic setting and this is no different. You’re always going to have critics when dealing with an artist like The Beatles, however – they’re legendary and people are so attached to their music that NO ONE can do it any justice (even if they sorta do). ‘Yesterday’ is far from my favourite Beatles song (then again, I feel the Beatles are overrated), but I think this was a nicely done, respectable cover.

How do you think Katy did?

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  • I could be wrong, but wasn’t the biggest change in the lyrics just changing the gender from a male hetero perspective to a female hetero one? That’s hardly butchering the lyrics.

  • I am so tired of people nitpicking everything anyone does! I’m a singer and also a woman and I love singing the song “Creep” by Radiohead! When I sing that song I sing “He” instead of “She” everytime! Geez people get over it!!!

  • As a long time Beatle fan, she did a nice job on the song. Changing the lyrics makes sense for a woman singing it. People these days like to be over critical about everything. You lost me on the overrated bit.

  • I just finished watching the Beatles tribute show and for the most part all the singers did good renditions of Beatles songs including Katy Perry. She did a good job singing a song that is one of my favorites and not easy to sing correctly, I have tried do it justice though in Kareoke.