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So, This Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Year for the Oscar, Right?

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CNN is pretty psyched about the Oscars, so they’ve been doing a lot of promo for the upcoming ceremony, going behind the scenes into what makes the show come together and all that. Well, the other day they showed the plaques made for the award winners to be soldered onto their trophies, and the broadcaster held up one made up for Leonardo DiCaprio.

BUT HOW CAN THIS BE? Academy members haven’t even finished voting and the ceremony isn’t for another several weeks! Is this thing really pre-decided?! HAS LEO FINALLY WON AN OSCAR?

Well… maybe, but maybe not. Turns out, the explanation is that the Academy Awards organizers apparently have a plaque like this made for every single nominee, in the case that they do turn out to be the winner. I feel like that’s sorta silly (and perhaps outright bullshit) since it would take 24 hours at most for an express engraving job to be done for the winners once they DID know the results, but let’s go with it.

I do think this will be Leo’s year – I’ll be absolutely shocked if it isn’t. Do you think this is a spoiler, or is it really the case that everyone has a plaque like this made?


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  • I believe this. I feel like it’s probably more of a SUPER SECRECY thing than a time issue. The Academy is obsessed with keeping things completely unknown before the ceremony and a list of engravings twenty four hours before would be a big potential leak.

  • Please, anyone involved with large events would make up plaques for all nominees. A cheap way to be prepared to provide winners with their Oscars once announced. That night. You think Leo is going to wait 24 hours to show off his Oscar at all the parties? Miss those PR opportunities? No way. No secrets going on here. Ridiculous.

  • They actually affix the name plate at the Governor’s Ball right after the awards, so they need to have all the names available. No time for “24 hr express engraving”.