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Jennifer Lopez Still Loves Marc Anthony

jennifer lopez marc anthony

Cover your ears, baby Casper, cos Mama Jennifer is going to say something you won’t like, which is that she still loves Marc Anthony. Does she go to bed every night dreaming of his smooth Latin dance moves and his extremely rat-like face? Not likely, but they do have two kids together and their split was amicable, so of course it makes sense that they will always love each other, just not romantically.

Apparently she’ll talk about their marriage in her upcoming book, True Love, but in the meantime, here’s what she told Glamour:

“I do. I love him as the father of my children and as my friend. That doesn’t mean that we were meant to be in a marriage forever though.

“He knows he’s in [the book] and he’s very curious, but he’s a big supporter of mine. He’s my biggest fan and I’m his.”

Well, that’s great – and I’m sure it’s great for their kids, too. Nothing worse than two parents who have split up but are still at each other’s throats/being awful to each other. That’s the mature, adult way to handle it.

I like Jennifer Lopez. She’s a hot mess and clearly has some shit to work through, but I think she’s got a solid head on her shoulders and has worked damn hard to be where she is, so I’m a “fan” – and by fan I mean I don’t hate her.

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