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Speaking of Perverts, Cee Lo Green Is Still Denying Spiking a Woman’s Drink

cee lo green

Cee Lo Green was taken to court last year after he was accused of slipping ecstasy in a woman’s drink and raping her. He somehow got off with the rape charges, but there’s still a court case surrounding the alleged spiking of her drink – an incident that apparently took place in a Los Angeles sushi restaurant in July 2012. Cee Lo appeared in court in October to  begin answering the charges of “furnishing an uncontrolled substance”, and he continued that case on Monday. Prosecutors wouldn’t file the rape charges because of “insufficient evidence” (i.e. they were most likely paid off).

Well, Cee Lo is still denying that he ever had any ecstasy (LOL yeah right – one look at him will tell you that’s bullshit) and told reporters outside of court: “I’m a fan of good, clean living.” HAHAHAHA, yeah, okay.

Cee Lo is a hot fucking mess and this whole thing is ridiculous. But as we all know, he’s a celebrity and he’s rich, which means he will never do any time or face any real consequences for his actions. Don’t you have so much faith in the justice system?

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  • though he does look like a fat t-rex, i wouldn’t pin RAPIST on him that easily. i want to see a photo of this woman. THEN let the judgements continue… i’ve seen way too many trophy-wife types kiss the ass of an ugly man with money, only to bite the hand that fed them in the end. like what if she loves a side of ecstasy with her famewhoring like so many do in this dirty rotten town? or was this lady a stranger to him i wonder? was she just a random hot woman sitting next to him at a busy table during a business meeting? more info please, before we slay this t-rex.

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