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Does Anyone Remember That Bill Cosby Is an Accused Sex Offender?

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Obviously the Woody Allen and Dylan Farrow story’s re-emergence in the headlines (don’t forget, Allen’s abuse has been well-known since the ’70s) has put the world on alert for other sexual deviants. That being said, it’s no surprise that Gawker wrote up a piece about legendary comedian Bill Cosby‘s MULTIPLE sex offense accusations that also spanned decades and are pretty consistent and most likely completely true.

Apparently the latest press coverage of Cosby’s offenses was as recent as 2006, and yet… I don’t remember hearing about it whatsoever. Do you? It seems to follow a trend we have as a culture: ignore anything unsavory for the sake of protecting great “art”. We want to discount Dylan Farrow’s story because Woody Allen is a total legend and a genius filmmaker. We want to believe that Bill Cosby – the loveable TV dad and erudite comedian – would never violate a single woman, let alone several. R. Kelly having sex with and preying upon underage girls is laughed off for the sake of preserving his reputation as a legendary R&B artist. Where does it end?

One of Cosby’s accusers was brave enough to use her own name in a public lawsuit against Cosby and even appeared on the TODAY show with Matt Lauer at the time to speak about her experience. Here’s how she described her run-in:

When Plaintiff advised Defendant she did not feel well, Defendant led Plaintiff to a sofa, because she could not walk on her own, where he laid her down, under the guise of “helping” her.

Subsequently, Defendant positioned himself behind Plaintiff on the sofa, touched her breasts and vaginal area, rubbed his penis against her hand, and digitally penetrated her.

Plaintiff remained in a semi-conscious state throughout the time of this ordeal.

At no time was Plaintiff capable of consent after the pills affected her, and at no time did she consent to Defendant’s acts.

It goes on and on – I recommend reading the whole thing for a more complete account. This is just disgusting and I wish we’d all pay a bit more attention to it. Listen: shitty people can make great art. It happens all the time; the two aren’t mutually exclusive. But to brush SERIOUS abuse like this under the carpet is absolutely appalling.

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  • Congratulations on creating a link to nowhere. “Read the whole thing” your story says, then the link takes me to a “page not found” on YOUR OWN SITE. Lame, and unprofessional.

      • Too much to expect, I guess for a website to make sure their links work. I preview every post I publish, to make sure they look right, and all links are valid. I expect no less from the ones I follow.
        Regardless, thank you for the fix.
        Now, I don’t recall hearing about these allegations before, but the term “settled” is disturbing. I would hope that a truly innocent person would not pay an accuser to go away. Especially if the authorities decided that there was not enough proof to press charges. That just opens the door to future allegations. And if he did it? Shame on him for taking advantage of his father figure image.

  • If the media, is going to take apart Woody Allen for being ‘accused’ of something, why is Morgan Freeman getting a pass by EVERYONE! This ‘revered’ celebrity starting having an affair with his step-granddaughter while she was underage. And took her out in public.

  • By the way, I do not think that Woody did what some say he did. Woody had other women chasing him anyway, so why would he act inappropriately with his own step child?

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