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Watch: Jennifer Lopez Debuts ‘Same Girl’ Video

jennifer lopez

Good ole Jennifer Lopez. Despite her terrible decision to return to American Idol, I actually kinda like her – especially musically. She comes out with some serious pop “jamz”, if you will, so I’m always interested to see what she does, even if it’s not something I will buy or listen to at any other time than when it comes on the radio.

Her new single is called ‘Same Girl’ and there’s even a video to go with it! The song is from her upcoming TENTH studio album, and the only bad thing about it is that it was co-produced by Chris Brown (FUCK OFF) and Cory Rooney. She went back to the Bronx to make the video – you know, Jenny from the Block and all that – so yeah, I’m into it.

Here’s what she said about the clip:

“This was probably the craziest thing I’ve done in my career of music and movies. I like just being able to do things spontaneously, and not have everything so planned out.”

I mean, I don’t see anything “crazy” here, but your mileage may vary, I suppose.

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