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Victoria Beckham Will Never Reunite with the Spice Girls Again

victoria beckham

I called this last time the topic of a Spice Girls 20th anniversary reunion was on the table: Victoria Beckham wouldn’t do it. She’s too far up her own ass and takes herself far too seriously to ever do it, unfortunately. Indeed, she’s proven me right in a new interview with Vanity Fair (via the Daily Mail), insisting that the past is the past and she’s got zero interest in it:

“I won’t ever do it again. Doing the Olympics was an incredible honor. I was so proud to do it, proud to be British. That was a perfect time to say, ‘That’s great. Thank you to everybody, but no more. Sometimes you’ve got to know when it’s time to leave the party.”

“The Spice Girls were successful because we celebrated women. That’s why I do what I do today.”

Look, I get that the Spice Girls are old news at this point. They’ve been out of the spotlight and disbanded for over a decade, so it makes sense that they’ll each have moved on with their lives. However, Victoria Beckham’s life wouldn’t be what it is today without that group. It literally made her entire career. No one’s saying you need to do a full-on tour or anything like that, but why not indulge the fans – and even yourselves, to remind you of where you got your start – just for fun once every 20 years? Because it undermines your “serious” fashion career now? Give me a break.

In any case, I don’t think anyone will be all that surprised to read this. It’s not like she seemed all that thrilled to be performing at the Olympics, either:


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  • I disagree. Her life wouldn’t be what it is today had she not met and married David Beckham. Once married she created the brand, started a (large) family and now runs a successful and accomplished high fashion line. She’s a working mum – apart from all the Posh & Becks stuff she’s got her own fashion house and a toddler at home and three (?) teenage boys and then people give her shit because she doesn’t want to make an appearance with the band from 2 decades ago in which she didn’t even sing (also she’s admitted to being an awful singer)? I don’t blame her. I understand that the other girls need a pay day, but they don’t need Victoria for that, we’ve got reality shows now!

    • Oh I totally agree David played a massive part in getting her started, but she wouldn’t have been in a position to meet David without the Spice Girls – that’s more of what I meant!

      In any case, I don’t think a Spice Girls reunion is necessary by any means – after all, we did get the Olympics – but when everyone else seems game for something and you’re the constant grump, it’s gonna make you look like a bit of a spoilsport, whether that title is well-earned or not ;)

      • Oh absolutely, had she not been in the band she would have never met Becks in the first place. As you mention the Olympics, I remember seeing the performance and she was simply awful. She has mentioned this before and I respect the woman for knowing her weaknesses, and if I were in her shoes I’d not really want to go out there and embarrass myself. I understand that there is a certain appeal to ‘hate’ VB for being a sourpuss (she’s not quite reached GOOP level but she’s on her way) however I don’t see the fuss. I think she’s great with the fashion and should concentrate on that rather than breathing new life into the Spice Girls reunion that so many people are pushing for and completely suck at it! With teenagers at home that’s just horrible (poor Lourdes & Rocco!!)