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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Ready to Turn 40

leonardo dicaprio

In surprising news that isn’t at all surprising, Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t worried about turning 40. Have you ever met a man who was? (Yes, I’m sure one or two, but in general…) After all, if Leo hits a mid-life crisis, he’s got plenty of money to blow on fast cars, more supermodels and, well, blow (though he swears he’s never done cocaine in his life). In fact, he’s looking forward to the milestone birthday.

He told Shortlist:

“I suppose 40 represents something different, but I’ve been thinking about 40 for so long that I’m prepared for it.

“It seems like the age barometer where you’re still considered youthful is getting higher and higher. I’m going to hold on to that ideal as long as I can.”

Eh, 40 is kinda no big deal, especially for dudes. Now, if you asked a female actress the same question, you might get a different answer (or the same answer, but you’d know the difference it means in terms of the public eye/society – time to get the Botox started if they haven’t already).

As for Leo, he’s really hitting his stride now – he’ll probably win an Oscar this year (FINALLY) and he’s still booking roles left and right. Something tells me he’ll be juuuuuust fine.

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