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Kim Kardashian is Captain Obvious: ‘Pregnancy Is Hard’

north west

Kim Kardashian gave birth to Kanye‘s baby, North West, nearly eight months ago now. However, that still didn’t preclude her from talking (AGAIN) about how “difficult” pregnancy is on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when she was interviewed this week. She also brought some personal family photos to “premiere” on the show (which she later posted to her own Instagram page) and was generally her obnoxious self.

“After having her I would have a million. [But] the pregnancy, I wouldn’t really wish that upon anyone.

“It’s all worth it in the end, so I would definitely suffer through that, but pregnancy was not a good experience for me. At all. I had a few medical issues, so it was really tough, and I gained a lot of weight…It was really hard mentally on me”

Having medical issues during pregnancy IS super tough, so I sympathize with her there. But “I gained a lot of weight” is what made it hard? Really? You’re growing a human being inside of you and you’re concerned because your feet got fat and you couldn’t wear your favourite Jimmy Choos? Get the fuck out. I know Kim Kardashian literally has nothing in life without her body, so I get the panic there, but if having a child can’t reduce your insane levels of narcissism, I don’t know what will.

That all being said, I don’t think anyone can argue that Nori isn’t absolutely adorable. I just seriously fear for this poor child as she gets older. She is part of the most psychotically self-obsessed family (on both sides) probably in modern history and that doesn’t bode well. I just hope she gets out before it swallows her up too, but somehow I think there’ll be no chance of that…

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  • I think you kind of took her quotes out of context. Adding the ellipses after her saying she gained weight made it look like the weight gain is what took a toll on her mentality… but if you watch the video that isn’t what she said or implied at all. She mentioned gaining weight like an aside and spent the whole time talking about her medical stuff and other changes to her body that happens during pregnancy. Literally didn’t even comment on gaining weight beyond saying it once, changing the subject and going back to the medical stuff. I get that she’s self absorbed but that interview to me was nothing short of doting about her daughter and making light of those who say pregnancy is beautiful and fun because she found it miserable, which is a totally understandable viewpoint. making it look like being fat was her biggest problem is quite the way to twist a story from that interview alone.

  • I’m petrified of getting pregnant, because I already have several health issues. Some people have told me these problems will either subside a little, or disappear completely. Plus, after hearing so many stories of severe morning sickness, and placental abnormalities… I kind of agree with Kim. The end may be worth it, but pregnancy itself doesn’t sound all that pleasant.

    And as to the weight comment: EVERYONE was a critic (I’m sure even you were), and she faced a barrage of negative media attention. That would give anyone a complex, and I’m sure it detracted from enjoying having a baby

    • Thought…if you can’t appreciate a little “snarkasm” maybe you shouldn’t be reading the info on this site. It’s not Britannica for Christ’s sake. It’s celeb dish. Get over it.

  • OMG she had Pre eclampsia and as a result, serious Toxemia, which makes you retain more fluid than you can even imagine. Of course she was miserable, and it makes your feet way fatter than normal pregnancy. Cut her some fucking slack and stop being a bitch, Jennifer. This site has really gone downhill. Complaining about a regular pregnancy is one thing- could actually be considered whining- but Toxemia is worse than you can ever imagine and it is so horrible she will talk about it for years to come. Speak about only what you know and save us all your snarkasm.

  • Is North wearing gray? Really, gray baby clothes (although I’m sure she is in DESIGNER gray baby clothes)!? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby in gray. It certainly doesn’t go well with her coloring.

    Put that cutie in some pop of color! Anything but gray….

  • North is definitely going to grow up being told how cute, awesome, rich and perfect she is. That is going to be a problem because the personality she’s going to develop will be worse than her mother’s.

    Kim grew up in a very prominent, wealthy, California family due to her famous father being a high paid attorney. On top of this, she was called pretty, beautiful, and sexy her whole life, starting from the time she was a baby, and look how she turned out. A vain, self centered, narcissistic snot who thinks she is better than everyone, even her own sisters, whom she ostracized herself from at an early age because of her self centered attitude. In fact, Khloe and Kourtney have said that they even developed a special bond with each other because of how distant they felt from Kim and her shitty stuck up attitude. I’ve watched a few early episodes (before I knew how wretched that family is) and Kim literally argued with them all of the time calling them jealous, haters, acting OCD about cleaning and not drinking etc.. just always turning her nose up at everyone and never laughing or goofing off with her sisters like how they interacted with each other. She’d just stand there with raised eyebrows, too perfect to be acting silly. If she treats her own sisters like jealous haters when they really just picked on her for that attitude she had, then I can only imagine how bad she behaved in school and was viewed by classmates and peers. She was probably friendless and blamed fights with the few close friends she had on jealousy and envy when in reality, her stuck up attitude gave her the reputation she probably had.. Just like the one she earned in her own home.

    Her daughter is going to have the same exact personality because of her parent’s vain personalities, fame, and fortune. People will cater to her every demand and kiss her ass constantly because of the money she has and who her parents are, and as she gets older it will only get worse. Just watch how spoiled ROTTEN she turns out. Idk if she will be as pretty as her mom since she won’t inherit all of her features, she’ll def get some from her ugly ass father, no doubt about that. But since the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, she will be getting plastic surgery by the time she is legally allowed to, so she might be able to knock out most of Kan-Gay’s side early on. First she’ll start with Botox and fillers, then comes the nose job and breast implants if she needs them. She came out pretty light skinned, though. Surprising, as I thought she’d be a little darker being Kim isn’t really all that white to begin with. So, a meaningless vain and self centered life filled with magazine covers with dumb ass interviews, hair extensions, loads of black shadow and mascara for smokey eye, 600 pairs of shoes, trips to Paris for shopping sprees, relationships with black athletes, and probably not obtaining more than a 12th grade education, if that, awaits this one..

    • There are clips of her at a very young age and she is extremely obnoxious… hogging the camera from her other classmates talking about how “dope” and famous she’ll be….as for north, she can still be really dark and wide nosed someday she’s too young to tell. I hope she has kanyes nose!!!

      • …and who the hell names their poor kid “North”? North West?? COME ON!! It sounds fucking stupid as hell! How could you name your kid “North” first of all? It’s not a name, it is a type of direction! And then to do it when you already have another as a last name?? Jesus Christ Almighty.. The first name alone is enough for ridicule, but then again, I’m sure her parents will have her home schooled and provide her with enough money so that it won’t really matter if she attends school and develops normal social skills and everything else normal people do.

        And yea, she probably will develop a wide nose because his genes, which are darker, will most likely be more dominant. But it doesn’t matter, she will just get a nose job by 18 years of age..

      • I just saw the video, it’s on Youtube under “Kim Before the Fame”. She is at her 8th grade graduation and she keeps taking the mic from her friend and saying she’s more popular than her and that she’s just jealous. She also says that she hopes everyone has this on video so that when she becomes famous they will all see this “beautiful girl”… Clearly, she acted just how I suspected.

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