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4This Is What Willow and Jaden Smith Have Been Up To

willow smith jaden smith

Between sharing open-mouth kisses with his father and listening to the alien gods as they direct his next move, Jaden Smith also does a little bit of music. His sister, Willow, also does some pretty good music inbetween being a “normal 12-year-old”. Well, the two have got together for a new song called ’5′, which Willow posted on her Soundcloud account this week:

Is it wrong that I’ve listened to this about seven times and really, really love it? I just can’t help myself. I think Willow’s got a great voice and this song could have definitely done without Jaden, but in general, I really, really like it. Kids singing about smoking and kissing and stuff is a bit precocious, but whatever. I wish Willow would do an album.

What do you think?

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January 15, 2014 at 2:30 pm by Jennifer

4 Responses to “This Is What Willow and Jaden Smith Have Been Up To”

  1. indianabluejens says:

    loved her part, can’t stand his… he ruined a nice sound.

  2. Darksidemama says:

    Good God that was awful.

  3. Jujoki says:

    I really like it. Dunno how I should feel now…

  4. crab says:

    He has that unfortunate wrinkled forehead “Bieber Look”!

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