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Cheryl Cole Dancing to Beyoncé Makes Me Really Uncomfortable, For Some Reason

cheryl cole beyonce

I’m not sure what went wrong here, really. I love Cheryl Cole, generally. She’s a fantastic dancer – like, freakishly good – but you’d never be able to tell from this video, which she filmed while on vacation over the holidays. It seems like something a teenage girl would rope her two friends from high school into doing to put on YouTube. Like, it’s so bad that I almost didn’t believe it was Cheryl at first.

Alas, Cheryl was feeling inspired by Beyoncé‘s female power anthem ‘***Flawless’ and so she put together this little video, which Bey herself apparently liked since she gave her a little shout out on Facebook for it.

What do you think? I mean, I know there has certainly been much, much worse out there, but when she’s capable of something like this:

Hoooo boy. See the difference? I wish she’d get back to making music, though, I have to say. All this vacation time is making me wonder what the hell Cheryl Cole is doing with her life (though I think most Americans will be wondering who the hell Cheryl Cole even is).

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