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5Which Rock Legend Is A Fan of Lorde?


Lorde‘s got a lot of fans and she can now add rock legend David Bowie to that list. Hoo boy, think of how jealous Gaga must be about that.

Lorde spoke with Rookie mag about her sweet Bowie encounter. From Huffington Post:

Asked if she’s had moments of seeing her life come full circle, the New Zealander replied, “Definitely. I don’t want to do the weird name-dropping thing but like … Meeting David Bowie was like that. To have someone like that tell you that listening to you felt like listening to tomorrow.”

“I was like … I could creatively die and just be happy forever,” she said. “I never tell anyone about that experience, because it meant so much to me, and I feel like it would be dulled or something if I always talked about it in magazines or whatever. It’s my special thing.”

Lorde is only 17 and she’s broken some serious records when “Royals” topped the Billboard alternative chart for longer than any song by a female to date. Suck it, Minaj.

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January 4, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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5 Responses to “Which Rock Legend Is A Fan of Lorde?”

  1. rayanna says:

    Just the little tidbits I’ve heard about Lorde doesn’t sit well with me. She’s sounding pretty diva-ish real quick. Royals was good but everyone’s pretty much over it. I wouldn’t speak too soon Lorde

  2. rayanna says:

    Oh and she never tells anyone about this but she just told the whole world. I’m getting tired of this chick quick

  3. pik nik says:

    Bragging rights for sure. Get it, girl. P.S. She’s in her early 20s on the downlow, *ssshhh!*

  4. singingtothewheat says:

    Who the hell is Lorde?

  5. joshua says:

    how did a pop singer get on the alternative chart?

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