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Veronica Mars Trailer Is Out. What Do We Think?


Veronica Mars, the long-cancelled TV show starring Kristen Bell, got enough crowdfunding to be made into a film, and it comes out in March. But the trailer is here now! Hooray!


The thing is though…it looks really cheap. Like it’s pretty clear they needed the Kickstarter money to make this. It doesn’t look like a major film. Which is okay but somewhat distracting.

Also nothing in the trailer is funny. Like, at all. The show had genuinely funny moments and I’m seeing none of them in the trailer, which is usually where they tend to show the best stuff.

Designers, I’m concerned.

What do you guys think?

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  • I liked Veronica Mars. When the film comes to my city, and I don’t think it will, I’ll watch it.
    If only for old times sake.

  • I dunno, it doen’t look thaaaat cheap. It looks like it has the same production values of a disney made for TV movie. I wonder if most of the budget was spent on Jamie Lee Curtis

  • Well, its basically a long TV episode. I think it looks good, and I’ll watch it when they send the digital version to me (I was one of the donors).

    I think they left all the more humorous moments out of the trailer on purpose. I hate it when a preview shows all the funniest parts of the movie and that makes it a little less enjoyable when you actually see the movie.

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