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Another Day, Another Topless Lady GaGa Photo

lady gaga topless

Lady GaGa is totally a model now, and has styled herself to look exactly like Donatella Versace (not sure why anyone would do that) in her new campaign for the fashion house. While we’ve already seen the image that’s been appearing in magazines over the past couple of months, now we’ve got a new shot in which GaGa has no top on. Because of course she doesn’t.

It’s a bit of a nothing photo, really, isn’t it? There’s nothing sexy or alluring about it, nothing about that dead-behind-the-eyes look that would make me want to spend $15,000 or whatever on a set of ugly silver chains, etc. I suppose I don’t “get” modeling, really, but I do know when a photo is pleasing to look at and this ain’t it.

I also think it’s hilarious that Dontella Versace is so up herself that she thought it’d be a great idea to have GaGa dress up like her. Just do the damn shoot yourself, if that’s how you feel. It would’ve yielded the same results.

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