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Selena Gomez Told Her Fans Off for Bullying Each Other

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Fans of popstars can be absolutely fucking brutal. Lady GaGa detractors are told to get AIDS and kill themselves, Bieber fans threaten to commit suicide, One Direction fans plot to kill the girlfriends of the guys in the band and/or their pets… it’s an absolute mess. The bullying is a bit out of hand, so when Selena Gomez saw some of it happening in the comments section of her Instagram account, she actually stepped in to put a stop to it.

Apparently one fan posted a photo of a scar on her arm with the caption “I just wanna die so all of this will end already. I feel so worthless. It’s hard for me to ignore people.” That’s really sad, but instead of sympathy, someone going by the handle @selenagomesfan responded with “Cut, cut, cut, cut!” Lovely!

So, here’s how Selena responded to that:

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That’s sweet that Selena has put her money where her mouth is in terms of trying to stop bullying, instead of just saying she’s against it and then actually sorta encouraging it (AHEM LADY GAGA COUGH COUGH). Still, I know it’s a bit cynical of me to say this, but young people on the Internet = THE WORST, and there is a chance the person who claimed they wanted to commit suicide was doing it specifically for attention or in the hopes that Selena would respond, as many before her have done with many a celeb (lest we forget the One Direction/I’ll kill my puppy saga). Of course, with suicide you can never take a chance that someone is just acting out for attention, so I think it was nice that Selena did that, I just wish people under 18 were banned from being online, heh.

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