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Tyra Banks Doesn’t Miss Modeling, Thank You

tyra banks

Tyra Banks is one of the biggest and best supermodels in the world – former supermodel, whatever. The point is, she was legendary in her heyday and while most of us think of her ranting at Tiffany on America’s Next Top Model every time we see her these days, Tyra used to do her thing in front of the camera. She walked in some of the most amazing runway shows and traveled the world to shoot for some incredible photographers for years. Does she miss it? Eh, not really.

From Parade:

What do you miss most about the days when you were just a model?
“I don’t miss modeling very much because I have America’s Next Top Model, so for the past ten years I’ve been creating photo shoots, executive producing the television show, and doing a lot of photo shoots myself. I do look back to those modeling days when it was just some people on your nails, somebody on your hair, somebody on your makeup, and you’re just like, ‘What angle am I going to do today?’ So it was a pretty non-challenging life in terms of not having to micromanage and wear so many different hats, but it wasn’t easy. There’s a lot of isolation with modeling, you’re by yourself constantly, there’s a lot of people telling you to lose weight and that you’re not good enough — your hair, your skin — there’s a lot of pressure.”

Yup, there sure is! It’s definitely a world you want to encourage girls to get into by hosting a televised competition for a contract!

I love ANTM because that show is such a hot mess. It’s well past its prime now so it’s almost as if anything goes. Tyra is insane, the contestants are insane, the challenges are insane… it’s amazing. However, I do wish Tyra would do some more modeling. She was so great!

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    • @Jacqueline- Tyra Banks is a MODEL, not the head of the Federal Reserve or a Central Bank president. If there is anyone we owe a debt of gratitude, it would be Tim Geitner or Ben Bernacke. I’m guessing you don’t know who those guys are, but together they saved this country from absolute financial collapse in 2007-2008. Tyra was great in her day but she is nothing but a clothes hangar. She isn’t solving world hunger. Let’s put her societal contribution into prospective.

  • By the way, I happened to click a link to this website. I have never visited it before, nor do I think I will again. When I read the articles and see the general content, it is a reminder of why the next generation will be working for the Chinese and Indians. The articles are written at a second grade reading level and the headline stories include a story about the Kim Kardashian (whose mother, thankfully, can’t bring any more filth like her into the world) and a story about Duck Dynasty. The banner ads feature women wearing bras. Yup, we are really striving to educate the next generation of American Pop Trash Culture but are we also as concerned about whether they will be able to keep up in the real world?Probably not. Thankfully, I’m insulated from the ignorant masses. LOL.

  • Funny how Tyra talks about how shallow that industry is yet she is going around doing the same thing to these girls on her show…tearing them down.. It sounds Hypocritical to me and well she actually is. Just be real. People are always trying to figure out where they fit in and I without putting her down I guess she has to put down a few people before she can realize how to make money at actually uplifting them