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Adele Is Being Honored by the Queen


That’s right, Adele‘s getting an MBE – a Member of the British Empire – from Queen Elizabeth. That’s a pretty high honor, though she won’t quite be able to call herself Dame Adele – that’s reserved for DBEs and GBEs. Still, it’s pretty great, and speaks to just how much Adele achieved before she seemingly dropped off the face of the earth to have babies and be a housewife (no shade there – totally down with that).

PJ Harvey is also getting an MBE, which is pretty excellent. I used to love me some PJ Harvey back in my university days. In case these royal goings on are up your street, maybe it’ll interest you to know that Andy Murray got an OBE from Prince William, and Aled Jones from Daybreak (a UK morning show) also got an MBE.

The awards will be given out at Buckingham Palace on Thursday. Now, how about Adele’s new album?

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