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2North West Is Growing Up So Fast!

north west

If Kanye West had his way, no one would ever look upon the face of his daughter North West, but considering he’s engaged to the most narcissistic and self-absorbed woman in the world (his perfect counterpart!), unfortunately that will never happen. Instead, Kim Kardashian likes to sprinkle our lives with little doses of Nori, and we don’t really mind because she’s pretty cute.

Kim posted the above photo on her Instagram page yesterday, and Grandma Kris quickly reposted it soon after. Everyone loves Nori! I used to think she looked entirely like Kim, but you can see Kanye in her more and more as the days go by, for sure. She looks happy enough, but I suppose it’s early days, so the lasting effects of having to be Kim & Kanye’s daughter haven’t hit her quite yet. Let’s hope she somehow manages to claw her way out of that family before that happens.

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December 17, 2013 at 6:30 am by Jennifer

2 Responses to “North West Is Growing Up So Fast!”

  1. blondewithnobrain says:

    nice wax job on your kids eyebrows you self absorbed whore.

  2. AlyLaff1002 says:

    Can’t stand either of them. Their baby is adorable though! Can’t control who your parents are.

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