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Beyoncé Released an Unannounced Album Last Night


Everyone figured Beyoncé would be coming out with a new album at some point soon. After all, she’s been releasing songs here and there for months, so it had to be part of a bigger collection, right? Right. Only that album is here sooner than we think, as she never announced anything, just put it out on iTunes at midnight last night all nonchalantly.

Here’s the fun part: Beyoncé’s Beyoncé has 14 tracks, but it’s not just any kind of album… it’s a VISUAL album, and every song is actually a video too, so that you can experience the music just how Bey intended. I’m busy working so I can’t really sit and watch them now, but I’ll admit that I did actually pay for this thing on iTunes, so I hope it’s good.

I’m so torn on Beyoncé. I’ve always been a big fan, and what she’s accomplished is definitely to be admire. But sometimes lately it all just feels like too much. She’s trying too hard to be effortless, if that makes sense. She’s trying too hard to be “artistic” and “different”. Like, this “visual album” seems like something Kanye told her to do because he’s a pioneer and the new Andy Warhol or whatever. Something about it just doesn’t ring true, and I’m having a hard time reconciling that… but maybe that’s just my problem.

Have any of you bought the (visual) album? Will you?

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  • Consider what she’s saying in the clip above. These days it is all about the single. Other artists in her field are trying too hard to be “artistic” and “different” (examples: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Miley.) If anything Beyonce is the most authentic “artistic” and “different” of them all.

    It’s clear that the writers on EvilBeet aren’t Beyonce fans but give the girl a chance! You might enjoy it.

    • LOL but I am a fan. You only have to go back to every other story I’ve ever written about Beyoncé on this site to see that.