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Britney Spears Needs to Choose Her Friends More Wisely

britney spears

I feel really awful for Britney Spears. I know I’ve given her a hard time in the past for not having much of a personality to speak of, but she’s been through a lot and given the way she’s been treated by everyone from her own father to her so-called “friends”, I can see why she might be afraid to show it. Speaking of her “friends”, Sam Lutfi, that old fucker, is back on the scene again after sharing some of what are meant to be private texts from Britney in which she admits to being really sad and hating her life because her every move is controlled and her dad is greedy and wants all of her money. Dear God.

So what exactly prompted Lutfi to share these texts? Well, someone asked him on Twitter when Britney’s father might release her from her conservatorship, to which he replied, “Hmm good question, here’s an old text from her you be the judge” before posting a series of messages. Now, the messages aren’t even dated and there is no way to verify that they’re actually even from Britney, but even if they were, what a dickhead. “Britney” even says in the messages that she considers Lutfi to be a true friend and one of the only people she can talk to… and what a way to show your loyalty than by posting private and really heartbreaking texts on Twitter? Absolutely awful.

My guess, however, is that these are fake. Let’s not forget Lutfi already has a restraining order against him. Sure, that was filed by Jamie Spears, Britney’s dad, who Lutfi claims is the real villain here, but I dunno… it just doesn’t ring true. Two of these “texts” look like something he typed up on his phone and then just took a screencap of, and the others are in green, which on an iPhone previous to iOS7 was for messages you’d sent, not received, right? (I can’t remember so this is a legit question!)

The “texts” are below. God, people are terrible – either for sharing it or making it up, that’s just such a shitty thing to do.

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  • I love Britney I think she is still really hot and I know you are hard on her with the she can’t form a sentence and all but those text seemed fairly well structured and I kinda expected a “little southern twang” and there didn’t seem to be any of that at all. Just sayin “y’all”

  • Before the update the sent messages were green. This is so fake. A middle school kid could figure out how to do this to cause trouble. Can’t this sad, sad, tiny man just go away? How long has been it been since her breakdown? 5 years? I agree that if she can be a functioning adult she doesn’t need a legal guardian but we also don’t know everything about that or her. What if that custody of her children and all the freedom she has with them is based on having a guardian? What if her biggest fear of losing them again could happen if the conservatorship ends? Sam just comes along whenever she is back in the spotlight to cause trouble and be a d*ck for attention. He doesn’t care about her, her legal situation or her life. He just wants people to think he’s important.

  • Lutfi had Britney fucked-up like a soup sandwich. I truly believe he’s an opportunist and a predator. Didn’t he also show up around the same time that Amanda Bynes was losing it?

  • This dudes a joke..hes still obsessing over the idea him and her are bffs…..shes to smart to go backwards in life and he is a definite dead end….