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Jamie Lynn Spears Has a Debut Single, Y’all!

jamie lynn spears

Sure, big sister Britney gets most of the attention, but Jamie Lynn Spears did have a burgeoning career at one point… until she got pregnant at 16 and left the limelight (and Zoey 101) for mom life. Now that she’s older and so is her baby, she’s engaged and life is coming together, it’s time to focus on her career again. With that in mind, she’s released a single called ‘How Could I Want More’ and oh snap, it’s actually good! It’s a bit Taylor Swift-ish – that was my first thought – but I think it could do well for her. And guess what – she can actually sing!

The song was inspired by her fiancé, apparently. I’m into it, but I’m not sure why she’s styled so old for the video. She’s only in her early 20s, so why is she dressed like she’s 20 years older? Ah, well, can’t win ’em all.

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  • Well, her fiancé is 30 so I guess they wanted to give a more mature image or something? Or maybe she is trying to make a difference from the typical pop (sorry, not country) beauty á la Taylor Swift.

    Nice song, tho.

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