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What’s Weirder: Miley’s New Eyebrows or Her Friendship with… Lily Allen?

miley cyrus lily allen

I’m only half surprised that Miley Cyrus and Lily Allen are apparently friends. The surprised part is the one that saw ‘Hard Out Here’ and would think that Lily would steer clear of Miley’s hot mess; the non-surprised side knows that Lily is also a feminist and if Miley says she’s in control of what she’s doing and likes shaking her ass, then Lily would be all for it. So I suppose the weirder thing here is Miley’s eyebrows.

Let’s talk about those eyebrows: What the everloving fuck? I really hate the bleached eyebrows trend and think it looks good on absolutely no one, but whatever. Miley’s edgy! She… looks like death warmed over. I’m not really sure what possessed her to do such a thing, but whatever. She’s terrifying me in this photo and I’m afraid she’s going to kill me in my dreams like Freddie Kreuger.

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  • I’m with you on the eyebrow thing. It’s atrocious. And it does not look good on ANYONE! Having said that, I try and keep an open mind and I keep trying to remember that my mother and grandmother said the same thing about my mini skirts and frosty blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick. Yes, I’m giving away my age.