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One of Nick Cannon’s Fake Friends Stole Some Jewelry

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Wait, it’s not exactly what it sounds like. Someone pretending to be part of Nick Cannon‘s crew stole a shit ton of stuff from Fred Segal in Beverly Hills, which, first of all, why Nick Cannon? Of all the celebrities you could pretend to be friends with, THAT’S who you choose? I suppose it is slightly more believable given his “joke” of a career, but dear me.

From TMZ:

Here’s what happened.  A guy who called himself Michael called the Santa Monica store and said he worked for Nick, and, being the hubby of Mariah Carey, he needed some jewelry STAT.

Michael asked the woman from Fred Segal to meet him at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood with the goods.  The woman obliged, put the jewelry in a bag and drove to the Hotel.

A guy met the woman at the front door, but it wasn’t Michael … it was a guy claiming to be a security guard and dressed like one.  The guy apparently indicated he would take the goods up to Nick’s room and come down with cash — in order to avoid paying taxes.

You guessed it.  The woman gave the dude the goods and that was the last she saw of anyone.

Uh, so… she just left? She didn’t try to go into the hotel and report them, or describe what just happened to ACTUAL employees? Also, who in the hell agrees to hand things of such high value over to anyone, let alone a security guard? Anyone with sense would ask to be escorted with the items to Nick to receive cash in hand as she couldn’t just randomly hand over thousands of dollars of shit to some random. SMH.

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