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WTF Is This? Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan in ‘Annie’ Remake

cameron diaz

I have never, ever been a fan of the idea of remaking the 1972 original Annie film. Why is it necessary? WHY? In particular, why do we need to bring it into “modern times” and turn it into absolute shit as it’s clear is what’s happening here? Cameron Diaz‘s casting as Miss Hannigan – played so brilliantly by Carol Burnett in the original – was the final straw for me, and now that the first pictures of her “in costume” for the role have emerged, I’ve proven my point… to myself.

That’s right, that photo above isn’t some random selfie Cameron took during her Rihanna phase or whatever -that’s actually her as Miss Hannigan, which leads me to ask the question… What the everloving fuck? She posted the picture on her shiny new Twitter account with the following caption:

“I want you to meet someone. Her name is Ms.Hannigan. She ain’t nice and she ain’t pretty.”

Well, that’s the truth. Also, now she’s a Ms.? WHAT? This movie is so wrong in every single way. The only thing remotely good about it is Quvenzhané Wallis in the lead role, and I have the feeling that Will Smith will find a way to ruin even that. This looks like a DISASTER.

cameron diaz miss hannigan

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  • I only now heard about the Annie remake and how it is to come to theaters soon, but right before I seen the preview for the movie, I instantly wanted to know who was playing which character. I have a problem with recasting each role in my mind to create the type of Annie re-creation that I would love to watch and my first casting pick was Ms. Hannigan. I always copied her bathtub version while I am cleaning or screwing around and that movie is one of my all time favorites. I am going to see it regardless of who was actually casted, and knowing now the stars Jamie Foxx (love him), Cameron Diaz (love her), the little girl I did not take notice of her name during the short preview, but I am anticipating her performance, because she is adorable, God bless her. Personally my pick for Ms. Hannigan was initially Rihanna, because Carol’s tech niche has the same suave nature of Rihanna and Carol can sing as beautiful the same as her entertaining nature. I believe not only this role would have been captured more beautifully with Rihanna as Ms. Hannigan, but I feel that it would have enlightened Rihanna with a different perspective that she may have found beneficial within her career. Such a shame but I bet Cameron will be a delight. She makes me laugh. hmm. Oh well a little too late for that perspective so I can not wait to see it! :D <3 One more thing…Jamie Foxx was an excellent choice! Superb! <3

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