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David Arquette Is Having a Baby!

david arquette christina mclarty

Well, he’s not (now THAT would be a story), but his girlfriend Christina McLarty is! I always hoped David Arquette and Courteney Cox would re-fall in love and get back together again for some reason – I’m honestly not quite sure why as I don’t particularly care about either of them – but it’s clear that’s not happening. This is David’s second child (he and Courteney have their daughter, Coco) and his first with McLarty. Happy families!

E! Online confirmed the news, which is really nice for them. David always seemed like a really decent dude, so it’s nice that they’re happy. The pair have been dating for about two years, apparently, which is crazy – time fucking flies! I feel like they just together a few months ago! TMZ says Christina is four months into her pregnancy.

Any bets on how quickly they’ll fast track the wedding?

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  • David Arquette is a typical Hollywood douche. Barely a high school education, has a drinking problem and can’t get beyond acting like a 20 year old fraternity brother.