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Britney Spears’ Favorite Author Is An Anti-Gay Pastor

Britney Spears is a big fans of “the gays” – which is a good thing considering they make up 95% of her fan base (the other 5% are girls who are nostalgic for ’90s pop, whether or not they grew up during the era or weren’t even born when it took place). In any case, apparently people were shocked when, during a Q&A on Twitter, she named an anti-gay nutso pastor as her favourite author:

If you don’t know much about Max Lucado, check out a little something he wrote about his feelings on gay marriage:

“How will homosexuality impact our culture? What about the spread of disease? If gay lifestyle and gay marriage is endorsed – what follows? Polygamy? Legalized incest? If we can’t draw a line, will lines be drawn at all? Men and women were not intended for identical gender but opposite.”

“The legalization of gay marriages will erode the traditional family… Legalized gay marriage will lead to legalized polygamy and other deviations… The highest reason, however, for opposing gay marriage is simply this: God does.”

LOL yeah, okay bro. It’s amazing how fucking stupid people are, and how willingly they’ll follow a God that they truly believe could be so terrible as to hate his own creation because they happen to prefer their own parts in bed. So glad I’m an atheist (and before the nutters hop on board here, I’m not saying Christians are terrible people or that everyone believes the same thing this dickhead does).

Anyhow, do you REALLY think Britney sits down and reads any books, let alone Max Lucado’s? I wonder which member of her team came up with that answer and typed it in for her, since we all know she’s banned from the Internet. Don’t worry, gays, Britney still loves you.

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  • Try getting to know God and building a relationship with him before proclaiming what you ‘think’ he hates. He LOVES everyone. He HATES the sin…not the sinner.

    • I shouldn’t even bother responding to this since there is no reasoning with a human being who legitimately thinks there’s a magic fairy in the sky who thinks two people who have the same anatomy loving each other is a “sin”. LOL no thanks.

  • i love max lucado! his book are very sweet. i suggest you read one before gushing on about how God hates people, or people hate parts, or whatever craziness you blog about.

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