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Mischa Barton Talks About Her “Hollywood Nightmare”

'I Will Follow You into the Dark' Premiere

Mischa Barton is ready to tell her sob story to the world, as she’s on the cover of People magazine with the headline “My Hollywood Nightmare”. I’m not saying that to be mean. I’ve not nothing against the girl. I met her once and she seemed fine. (No, I am not anyone remotely important. That’s basically how LA works. At some point in your life, you’re going to wind up hanging out with Mischa Barton. It’s like a law of physics. That and seeing Angelyne’s car. These things happen.)

I think we all know she had a bit of a rough time after The O.C. ended. Here are some details on the ordeal, from the lady herself, via People:

“We thought, ‘Work hard, play hard,’ ” she says of those years. In 2007, she was arrested for DUI. Then in 2009, shortly after her parents attempted an intervention, she blacked out under the influence of a sedative and landed in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center psychiatric ward under an involuntary 5150 hold after she threatened to kill herself.

“It was a full-on breakdown,” she tells PEOPLE, speaking about the events in detail for the first time in this week’s cover story. “I was under enormous pressure.”

[…] When she first shot to stardom, “It was always, ‘She’s too skinny, she must be sick,'” says Barton, now 27. “Then it was, ‘She’s too big.‘ I was never the right weight.”

Best of luck in your future endeavors, Mischa. She’s got a TV pilot they’re shopping around in which she plays a schoolteacher. Mischa Barton playing a teacher — God, that makes me feel old.

Question: would you guys watch a TV show starring Mischa? Or is the magic gone?

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