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Shots Fired: Laurieann Gibson Says Lady GaGa Is “Rhythmically Challenged”

laurieann gibson lady gaga

As the release of Lady GaGa‘s ARTPOP nears, it’s only fair that her former choreographer Laurieann Gibson steps out of the shadows to remind you of what a hot mess Mother Monster is in the dance department. That’s right, Laurieann claimed that GaGa is “rhythmically challenged” but praised her for trying her best, anyway.

From Australia’s Mornings:

“The most incredible thing about that particular artist was that she was fearless. Creating something before management, before a record deal… to be able to pull out of someone who wasn’t necessarily a dancer and maybe had a limited rhythmic ability…

“To me, everybody is a dancer. It was beautiful to work with someone who was rhythmically challenged because it helped me stretch my ability and come up with all those fantastical ideas.”

Ouch, that’s a bit rough, but I kinda love it. Besides, as far as GaGa’s concerned, this is the attitude to have:


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