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Daniel Radcliffe Thinks Getting Naked Is Just A Job

daniel radcliffe kill darlings premiere

Daniel Radcliffe is one of my favorite celebs ever. His acting is just okay, I’m not really sure if I like it, but as an all around person and celebrity, this guy is great. He plays Words With Friends with Jon Hamm, is a snappy dresser, and has no problem getting naked. Let’s just say Harry Potter loves to show off his wand, am I right? (God that was horrible, I’m so sorry.) He talked about his nudity on Ellen’s show. Here’s what he said, via USA Today:

I’m comfortable with it, but I do like to point out, I don’t request it … They’re jobs.

Does he know he can say “no”? Good on Daniel though for showing some dong. Seriously, there isn’t enough full-frontal male nudity in the entertainment world. There’s boobs and vag galore, but very little dong. He and Ewan McGregor will lead us into a golden age of male nudity that I for one am excited about. Not necessarily for Daniel Radcliffe’s nudity, but any male nudity is a good thing. Let the dudes take off all their clothes for once.

Ha, speaking of dongs…

What? You totally clicked, don’t even.

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