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Jennifer Lopez Has Too Many Meetings to Party

jennifer lopez cosmopolitan

I love me some Jennifer Lopez, but does anyone REALLY expect the woman – who is not 21, need I remind you – to spend every day and night at the club, acting like a fool? Honestly? Apparently she thinks so, as she felt the need to justify the fact that she doesn’t do that in a new interview with Cosmopolitan:

“Once it gets past 12, I’m like, ‘Oh, it’s getting late’. If you’re hanging around some after-party until the wee hours, how are you supposed to take five meetings in a row the next day?”

Uh, first of all, she’s outdone me because I can’t tell you the last time I stayed up until midnight. Even when I was in Vegas, I don’t think we were ever up past midnight. It’s fine, guys – I accept my Memaw status and enjoy my sleep (especially since I’m up by 6am, sometimes earlier, every day).  Second of all, you are a grown woman with young children. I know you’re famous and all that, but anyone who thinks you belong at a party past midnight is smoking something serious. Anyway, she’ll need her beauty rest to deal with the trainwreck that is American Idol later this fall.

Fun fact also learned in this interview: Casper Smart’s real name is Beau, and she calls him by it! I dunno why that tickled me, it just did.

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