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Yeah, Okay: Taylor Swift Doesn’t Read Reviews Because She’s Not Self-Obsessed

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Listen, I’m not up my own ass, either, but if I was a performer, morbid curiosity would mean that I would have to look at shit people were saying about me in reviews, online, whatever. Sure, I’d probably get really mad and want to go on under a pseudonym to respond to my haters because they’re talking shit, but the point is, I would look. Wanting feedback on the work you’re doing doesn’t make you self-obsessed, it makes you human.

Anyway, Taylor Swift is claiming that she doesn’t read anything about herself ever and started chuntering on about ego and insecurity in the new issue of Glamour (via DS):

“You can be obsessed with the bad things people say and the good things, either way you’re obsessed with yourself and I’m not – you can become unhinged so easily,” Swift told Glamour magazine.

“Vanity can apply to both insecurity and egotism. So I distance myself, because I feel everything.

“The little I am exposed to hurts my feelings. The only things I can really control are my songs and my behavior. The rest? If I focused on it that would lead to insanity.”

Eh, I just don’t know if I buy it. I like TSwift and I think what she’s TRYING to say is right, I just don’t know that all that nobility talk is actually how things are in the real world. Maybe it is and I should give her more credit, but… eh.

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  • Meh, I think she just has a different definition of being exposed to ‘a little’. I mean… how many Taylor Swift stories hit the web on a daily basis? Hundreds? I’m sure she hears the main gist of them all but maybe just doesn’t go digging into and reading every story. I’d think if I were her, I’d probably have been reading stories early in my career, and by this point have learned not to. I don’t think it makes her any less self-obsessed or human than the rest of us… she’s just learned how to avoid it in a way that we could never understand because no one’s writing about us on the daily.

    With that said, I couldn’t care less about Taylor Swift and I find anyone who feels the need to say ‘I’m not self obsessed’ to be obnoxious. But I don’t necessarily think she’s lying about avoiding the stories.

  • we get it Jennifer you hate / are jealous of all the young celebs of today. GAWD just stop writing about them already. Every f’n day I hate him I hate her blah blah blah …. JUMP already and stop with the promises.

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