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Kanye West Hates All Paparazzi… Except the French Ones

Givenchy: Front Row - Paris  Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2012

Oh, Kanye. Your mysterious ways allude us all! He hates the paparazzi – so much so that he will grab cameras out of their hands and smash them to the ground (and end up facing a lawsuit for it). So much so that he will say this to you if he encounters you:

kanye west

And yet… the French paparazzi are s different breed. They are refined, classy… they “respect themselves”, according to Kanye. And because of this, he will allow them to take his photograph, and will lavish praise upon them while they’re at it!

TMZ caught Kanye out and about and watched this strangeness unfold (video at the link) – here’s what he had to say as he got out of his car:

“Don’t ask questions. Just take the video. Don’t do like the LA [paparazzi]. I like how you guys, like, move out here. You’ve got like total respect for yourselves, have respect for the people that you’re photographing.”

“You guys take time off. At 8 o’clock, you’re not around people’s houses and all that. I just really appreciate and respect that. I understand that you have to make a living. So I appreciate [the respectfulness].

LOL, I can’t with this guy.

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    • Because he’s Kanye West, the simpleton who married fat-assed Kim Kartrashian. He has no common sense, no FASHION sense, and his ideal of the “perfect woman” is so skewed he’s not even in the ballpark, let alone the parking lot.

    • He chose that sweatshirt because he was on his way to a sleepover party where he got to show off his sticker collection, watch tween chic flicks, and do all the quizzes from Seventeen Magazine.

  • I’m from Europe and I get it. I’ve seen videos on YouTube of celebs in LA being hounded by the paps walking down a street, getting groceries, getting coffee – it’s incomprehensible to me, the way they are treated. I understand that with celebrity comes a certain public responsibility, but it’s insane. I prefer the European way, get the job done, leave. Don’t chase for something that ‘might happen’ 24/7.

    • Unfortunately, the celebs are the ones who mostly don’t exhibit common sense. WAAAH, I’m famous, but I don’t want to be a fame whore when I say I don’t want my picture taken.

      Sorry, the paps are annoying, but so are mosquitos. Life is tough, get used to it.

      • By all means, there’s a reason we don’t see much of Tom Hanks or Liam Neeson who are both massive stars. But the degree they take it to bothers me. Not that I’m famous or ever had to deal with paps. But if I was, I’d make sure to stay in Europe lol.

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