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Cher: ‘I Thought Madonna Was a Bitch’


Cher and Madonna are both music legends with strong personalities, so I don’t think it would shock anyone to know that they don’t really get on all that well. They’ve exchanged their share of insults in their time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t respect one another… or something. Following Madonna’s ‘send photos’ Reddit AMA session earlier this month, Cher took to the site for her own Q&A, where she aired her thoughts on her fellow popstar:

cher doesn't hate madonna

Well, fair enough. I’m sure Madonna IS a bitch – pretty much everyone has said so – but she’s Madge and it’s kind of expected, at this point.

More importantly, did you know that Cher and Meryl Streep saved a little girl in New York back in the day? I DIDN’T! Here’s the scoop:

cher meryl streep

Ugh to those asshole men, but HOW AMAZING IS MERYL STREEP? (And Cher, of course.) Pretty hilarious that they were hanging out, though – that’s not a friendship I can easily envision.

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