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Here’s Britney Spears’ ‘Work Bitch’ Artwork

britney spears work bitch

Britney‘s been teasing us about ‘Work Bitch’ for weeks now, but its release is finally imminent, and we’ve got the artwork to prove it! This is all part of some elaborate countdown to a special message on September 17th, which may or may not be about a rumoured Las Vegas residency, who can say? Even if that’s not the case, there’ll be SOMETHING happening, and we’ll also be able to hear ‘Work Bitch’ a day earlier, on September 16th.

The artwork is really hinting on at the Vegas thing, I think – it looks sorta Vegas-y, right? I was just going to question how she’d be able to carry it off, but I forgot about lip syncing :(

As for the picture itself, she looks hot! Photoshop works wonders, I know, but hot damn. The hair in particular is looking fantastic!

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  • hate the title. i’m a foul mouthed hooligan myself, but totally not a fan of “WORK BITCH” being out there everywhere for kids to see/hear. they are NOT dumb, they know what’s behind the asterisks. what a message! chances are it’s gonna be a hit with her gay fans bumpin’ it in the club, plus douchebags in vegas, and fair enough, i get that. just thinking about kids walking by the CD displays shoved in your face at retail stores, then getting ass-blasted by the song on the radio 24/7, and the fucking billboards & bus stop ads pushing “WORK BITCH” into your eyeballs as you cruise down the street with little ones in the backseat daydreaming out the window… they notice evvvvverything. the puppet masters behind this, so fucked up, JUST SAYIN’.

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