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6This Is Miley’s Idea of Sexy, and Donald Trump Loves It

miley cyrus

This little Miley Cyrus story is a double shot of ridiculousness (just so save us from writing two separate stories). First, we have Miley’s photoshoot for her upcoming album, Bangerz, which is sure to be full of trashy, pseudo-”urban” tryhard bullshit. Then, we have the fact that Donald Trump – yes, Donald Trump – has come out and posted a message on Vine, of all fucking places, telling her to “ignore the haters” and claiming that anyone who criticises her is just “jealous”. Yeah, nope. Also, ew.

Let’s start with these photos first. What kind of ’80s nightmare is this shit? I don’t understand what she thinks she’s going for here (besides ’80s nightmare, that is) – it’s just awful. The plaid pleather pants? The slicked back hairdo? The trench coat with nothing else on? Girl, no. Sit the hell down.

As for Donald, I can’t even give any commentary there because I’m that confused/disgusted that this is even a thing that happened. I’ll just embed his Vine here and you can take it as you will (an old man, who probably jerks off to Miley’s VMA performance every night, trying to stay relevant?):

And here are the other Bangerz photos, just for you:

August 30, 2013 at 7:30 am by Jennifer

6 Responses to “This Is Miley’s Idea of Sexy, and Donald Trump Loves It”

  1. robertL says:

    This little girl needs help. She is not getting it from Mommy , daddy, or Donald Trump.

  2. Anonymous says:

    when he looks at her, he hears CHA-CHING in his head, so of course he’s gonna say that. fuel to the retard fire.
    you guys should read up on who made her do it – LARRY RUDOLPH, of fucking course:

    little puppet…

  3. casey says:

    If the album cover look she’s going for is ‘Draco Malfoy Miami 80s chic’ then she’s nailed it, I guess?

    Go away, Miley.

  4. Horacio says:

    Jennifer, I’d like to hear your opinion about Miley Cyrus’ new vídeo, “We Can’t Stop”. Any thoughts?

  5. M says:

    Harlequin pleather pants, not plaid.

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