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Robert Pattinson Visits Sick Kids and You Didn’t Even Know About It

robert pattinson

I’m really torn on Rob Pattinson. On one hand, he’s an okay-looking guy and he’s pretty chill, not too caught up in fame or the Twihards or any of that (in fact, he sort of hates them). On the other hand, he’s Robert Pattinson. However you feel about him, it’s hard to argue with the fact that he’s done some good charity work, most recently going to visit the Teen Lounge of the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital – unannounced, at that.

From WENN:

The Twilight hunk stunned young patients in the Teen Lounge at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on 16 August when he arrived on a visit, which had been kept secret by hospital staff.

The star sat with patients and painted picture frames, posed for pictures, and visited two young fans with cystic fibrosis who were unable to leave their rooms.

Hospital staff member Ana Vega says, “Robert was so nervous about meeting the kids – he didn’t want to let them down – which is a testament to how humble he is.

“He was incredibly gracious and kind. He will probably never fully understand what a huge lift he gave to these kids today, and how it will positively impact them over the long term.”

Aw, that’s actually really sweet.