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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Aren’t Nudists, But They Do Raise Chickens

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Not really sure what to make of this interview, but Jennifer Aniston turned up on her friend Chelsea Handler‘s talkshow, Chelsea Lately, for a little chit chat. While there, Chelsea asked Jen to comment on rumours that she and forever fiancé Justin Theroux are nudists. Turns out, they’re not but they do raise chickens? I don’t know, but here’s People‘s recap of the episode:

“We don’t walk around nude, darling,” she told good friend Chelsea Handler. “I mean, we do when it’s appropriate. He’s comfortable enough in his skin.”

“No, that’s not true. That’s absolute B.S.,” she said of the nudism rumor.

If they were nudists, she pointed out, how would they raise their chickens? “Are we, like, collecting eggs naked and walking the lawns naked?” she asked.

Wait, chickens?

“I’m not raising them. We inherited them,” she said. “Well, I guess we are keeping them alive, yes.”

Amateur chicken farming does have its upsides, though. “We have so many eggs,” Aniston said. “People are getting so sick of getting eggs. It’s like, here, we didn’t bring wine, but here’s a carton of eggs!”

So, what have we learned here today, folks? Jennifer Aniston raises chickens, brings eggs instead of wine to dinner parties and is generally always wearing clothes. All important facts to add to her Wikipedia page, no doubt. I’ve never even heard rumours about them being nudists, but maybe I’m just out of touch.

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  • Jennifer Aniston is so freakin Vanilla tryin to be any other flavor. She a vanilla actress and her whole existence is vanilla. That’s why she’s friends with Handler she’s tryin to be someone she’s not.

  • It’s so refreshing to read such down-to-Earth normalcy in a highly successful business woman/actress/director today. So many have egos larger than their body weight, and so undeserved. I think Jennifer Aniston could have been the new Doris Day had her agent kevin Huvane selected the right roles for her. She has that same smoldering sexuality, killer body, quirky sense of humor combined with integrity so lacking in celebrities today. Chickens — mmmmm, sounds very Earthy and homey to me. Not a pretentious bone in her womanly body.