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Honey Boo Boo’s Mama June “Shocked” By 100lb Weight Loss

mama june

Don’t even get me started defending Honey Boo Boo or that whole family, because I will not stop until everyone who talks shit about this family shuts the hell up and realises their own ignorance. What many see as an obese redneck family with no class or sophistication is actually a really loving clan led by the incredibly intelligent and down-to-earth Mama June who is smart enough to have put the money from their TLC reality series away for her kids’ future instead of squandering it on some real bullshit. The show doesn’t have to be your cup of tea – I don’t take particular joy in watching them throw spaghetti strands at the wall or having fart contests – but I certainly don’t feel the need to put them down.

Anyhoo, Mama June – often criticised for her appearance, as happens – has dropped over 100lbs over the past couple of years without doing much besides becoming more active and changing her eating habits a bit. Here’s what she had to say to Access Hollywood (via DS):

“When I got on the scale, I was very, very shocked. I used to weigh close to 400lbs.

“Do I feel better? Yes, in a way I [do]. I’m more happy with myself. I try to tell people, be happy with you [no] matter what people say.”

Get it, Mama June! She also said she gets a lot of attention from men now, since many like “thick girls”. LOL. Don’t worry, she’ll never cheat on Sugar bear.

Check out Mama June’s tips for what to do with ketchup and cheese balls below:

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