Today's Evil Beet Gossip Thinks Taylor Swift Is “Dope”, Wants to Work With Her

taylor swift is pretty much the worst and I can’t stand the sight of him – which is too bad for me since he turns up EVERYWHERE and we can’t seem to get rid of him no matter how hard we try. Now he wants to try and make himself even more relevant by collaborating with… Taylor Swift? Dear God.

From E! News:

“Taylor Swift is dope,” told me earlier this week before performing at a music festival in Norway.

“I’d like to work with Taylor Swift. I like the girl. We could do something really fantasy-like. That would be cool.”

Why is everything “dope”? Why does he think she would want to do something “fantasy-like” (whatever that even means) with him? All of this is just so wrong. Don’t get me wrong – I like a few Black Eyed Peas songs, admittedly, but ever since he went solo, he’s started ruining everything he touches. I know some people would say Taylor Swift is bad enough on her own, but come on.

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  • Of course he does. He’ll guilt her enough where she’ll be forced to do it. He needs that credibility ,she doesn’t. Funny how hip hopsters want to be so plugged in with raw talent whether it’s country or rock. They’re so desperate to be part of it ,while pretending to their base their not. She could be more awesome with out him, but after Kane’s stupidity ,she’ll be guilt into it by another hip Hooper ” I am” to do a project with him. Like ,i say ,more name recognition for him. Not for her….