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Royal Tenenbaums Situation: Bobbi Kristina Brown To Marry “Brother”

bobbi kristina brown nick gordon engaged

Whitney Houston‘s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, is engaged to Whitney Houston’s “sort of” son, Nick Gordon. Though Houston never legally adopted Gordon, Houston’s brother said in 2012 (via ABC News) that Nick Gordon was, “like a son to her.” But Bobbi Kristina does NOT see it that way. As she wrote on her Facebook wall (via People):

I’m tired of hearing people say, ‘Eww your (sic) engaged to your brother’ or if Whitney was still alive would we be together or would she approve of this? Let me clear up something, we aren’t even real brother and sister, nor is he my adoptive brother. My mom never adopted him.

Okay, but it still reminds me of Richie and Margot’s relationship in The Royal Tenenbaums. Margot and Richie were brother and sister who fell in love with each other, although Margot was legally adopted. But I think emotionally it doesn’t make a difference, especially if Houston considered Gordon her son. That’s it. Papers not required. Bobbi Kristina though says that her mom would approve of her kids’ relationship.

Mommy was the one who even said that she knew that we were going to start dating. My mom knows me better than any of you. A lot of y’all are saying that y’all are only saying this all out of love. Which is bull because if that was so, all you would want is for me to be happy.

She’s absolutely right — we don’t know her better than her mom does, and we don’t know her mom or their family personally.

Still, I’m gonna leave this here anyway:

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  • true, it’s weird. but i can’t knock it. they probably wanted to shag for so long, like an attraction that started when whitney first took him in. and if the feelings just won’t quit & they’re of age, shit…..have at it. they want a dysfunctional family all their own? OK then. BOBBI, i ain’t mad atcha, girl! just stay clean please.