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Kanye West’s Video for ‘Black Skinhead’ Is Here And It’s Weird

kanye west

I know I gave poor little Kanye West a tough time over Yeezus, which on first (and honestly, second and third) listen sounded a lot like a patient project at your local mental institution. It’s since actually really grown on me. It’s still just as absolutely batshit crazy as it ever was, but there’s an undeniable energy – or really, a fervor – to it that’s undeniable and if nothing else, at least grabs your attention as you wait to hear what wackadoodle theories he’ll spout off next.

In any case, ‘Black Skinhead’ (first performed on SNL, as you probably remember) is a single from the album and the video for it has leaked. It’s dark – literally, there’s zero lighting so you can only make out basic silhouettes of Yeezy throughout, which is probably all part of his grand artistic vision. It’s slightly scary, but that’s perhaps just because of the Marilyn Manson sample used in the single and Marilyn Manson used to terrify me as a child. (For the record, he kinda cracks me up as an adult.) I dunno – what do you think?

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  • ok, this is something Trent Reznor would have come up with if he had been a 17 year old black cheerleader.