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And Now, a Picture of Kylie Jenner In a Bikini

kylie jenner

In a photo that’s sure to overload traffic on jailbait sites around the web, Kylie Jenner – only 15 years old, lest we forget – has posted a photo of herself on Twitter wearing a bikini. This isn’t a “normal girl, wearing a bikini to go swimming” pic, this is a “I’m a mini Kim Kardashian and I’m too damn grown for my own good” pictures, and it needs to be stopped. Sure, it’s great she has self-confidence and is comfortable with her body, blah blah, but she’s FIFTEEN, for God’s sake, and the last thing she needs to be doing is trying to be sultry and sexualised. Newsflash: you are a kid. Stop.

Between this and the whole “dating a 20-year-old rapper” thing, I’m just constantly in a state of SMH at this girl and her entire family. Why do girls want to grow up so fast, and why the hell didn’t momager extraordinare Kris tell her to take this shit down because the internet is full of perverts? Christ. Oh, and here’s what she has to say about… whatever, getting older, growing boobs, something:

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  • I think you’re overreacting Jeniffer. I can’t stand the Kardashians and I certainly don’t think they’re a role model family, but I don’t see anything wrong with that picture.

    I mean, yeah, she’s 15 y/o but it’s not like she’s nu de. She’s wearing a bikini that I personally don’t think it’s way to revealing. And if taking pictures of yourself in swimwear and posting it on twitter it’s such a big deal, I don’t know where do we stand. Like, I’m pretty sure there’s worse stuff kids can be doing right now.

    And what is all that ‘perverts on the internet’ argument about? Might as well make her wear a burqa if that’s what we are worried about.

  • Aw, little K’s first titty job! And a pretty good one at that. Only the best for these sluts!

  • Dont blame the Kardashians, blame the idiots who pay attention to them. Idiots make the world go around, dont forget.

  • so,why exactly are you putting those pictures of a half-naked child on your site while complaining about internet perverts at the same time? makes a lot of sense…not.

  • Actually, this is pretty much what all 15 year olds are doing nowadays.

    You’re basically being a slut shamer, and youre not even witty or charming about it. You’re by far the most annoying writer on this stupid website.

  • (a) Yes, 15 year olds are “doing it” everywhere, however, (b) most teenage girls are not internationally known and followed and (c) isn’t this the one who was dancing on the stripper pole on an episode years ago of Keeping Up?

    I wonder if the younger sister is a bit upset that her older sister, Kendall, is being touted as “the model” because of her more model height & figure. Maybe Kylie has decided (that is Kris has decided) to go the sex symbol road. At fifteen! And, yeah, it does look like she has had her first boob job! Don’t get me wrong. I think getting plastic surgery is totally a-ok if one wants to and one is eighteen or older. Yeah, yeah, sure, Kylie just grew up all of a sudden. I know it happens but with this family…seriously? Why let nature take its course when you can afford to push it along?

    I can’t imagine how any teenage girl survives that emotional dynamic without becoming messed up in the head. Good thing they have money for therapists.

  • Hmm lots of folks defending a 15 year old posting a picture of her in the equivalent of underwear. Unless she is at the beah when you see her, or at a pool, its underwear folks. I’d like to see how much they would be defending this if it was their daugther or younger sister or niece. 15 sounds grown until you’ve known the child from birth, or even from 10 years old on. Then you get how much of a child 15 really is, and how stupid it is of their parents to flaunt them like this.

  • Completely agree with this. I mean, she’s too young to be doing this and all the rest of the 15 year olds shouldn’t be doing this either. I don’t think even Kendall that’s older should be posting pics like that. America has really lost its goal for modesty.

  • If she can wear it at the beach IN PUBLIC then what’s the big deal about it being an instagram pic.????????? Jeez get over these ppl already would yas

  • Oh no! A model posing in a bikini! What’s this world coming to? That’s what models do. Do you think she’s the first aspiring model to pose in a bikini at the age of 15/16? Anyway, who cares? I like the gossip on this site but sometimes the commentary is a little over-the-top.