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Betty White Feels Sexier Than Ever at 91

betty white

Get it, Memaw! Betty White is an amazingly funny, gracious and awesome lady who, incidentally, is not slowing down her romance game despite being 91 years old. Betty feels sexier than ever now and gets her “jollies” from flirting with men of all ages. No shame in that game, Betty!

From In Touch Weekly:

The comedian confides to In Touch that although “I like being my age,” adding, “you really do get more comfortable with yourself over time,” she admits she absolutely refuses to go without makeup! “It depresses me. I find it hard to face my golden retriever without putting on eyebrows and a little lipstick,” the actress shares.

Joking that she’s a “teenager trapped in an old body,” the star of TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland and NBC’s Off Their Rockers says of keeping fit and feeling young: “I have a two-story house and a bad memory — so I’m up and down the stairs all the time!”

Also keeping her young, Betty admits she’s a “terrible flirt — I love to do it! I get my jollies that way!” Gushing about who she’d like to “hold eye contact with longer than I should,” she shares her sexiest men in Hollywood list exclusively with In Touch: “Robert Redford and George Clooney,” Betty says, adding, “And Daniel Craig is just wonderful. And Hugh Jackman, too!”

What a great attitude to have in youth-obsessed Hollywood. Embracing your age is the way to go, and nothing ages you faster than constant stress, so there’s no sense in sitting around worrying about wrinkles or any of that shit. Live it up like Betty White – she’s having a great time.

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  • She is my all-time favorite celebrity! She’s beautiful, vibrant and witty to the core. Long live Betty White!

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