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Jennifer Lopez Performs For A Dictator, Then Apologises For It

jennifer lopez

Oh, dear old Jennifer Lopez. Fresh off buying her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, J.Lo headed over to Turkmenistan to perform at President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow’s private birthday bash. Stars get paid insane amounts of money to do weird private gigs all the time, so this wouldn’t be all that weird… if the dude wasn’t a dictator running one of the most oppressed countries on this planet and all. Oops!

The China National Petroleum Corporation organised the bash (they do business with Turkmenistan), which took place at some $2 billion resort on the Caspian Sea. Yay, money! Yay, political unrest! Woo hoo!

Obviously J.Lo got major shit for doing this gig and putting a paycheck ahead of, you know, basic human decency, and so she has since apologised for singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Prez Berd (too lazy to type that whole name out again). Here’s her PR’s ridiculous ass statement:

“Had there been knowledge of human rights issues any kind, Jennifer would not have attended.”

Uh… Is this not the kind of thing you have a team of people hired to do, exactly? Not that I believe this shit, anyway – I think she’d have done the gig regardless, then feigned ignorance about the whole thing, which may be what’s happening here. The bigger issue is, she doesn’t even need the money! Jennifer Lopez is rich as hell – it’s not like this is Debbie Gibson or someone taking shitty gigs for cash (no one would blame Debbie Gibson). SMDH at everyone.

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  • How fitting that the celebrity whose conduct most resembles a dictator’s should end up serenading an actual dictator. I wonder if they traded notes on the best ways to rule their minions with an iron fist.

  • If she really wanted to prove she was sorry she should have donated all that money she made from that gig to a charity.