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Everybody Sexts… Including Martha Stewart


Martha Stewart, you MINX! Appearing on Watch What Happens Live, they played a little game called ‘Did Martha Do It?’, where Maggie Gyllenhaal, who was also appearing on the show, answered questions about Martha before Martha herself confirmed whether or not Maggie was correct. Maggie said no to the sexting question, but Martha shook her head, confirming that she indeed had gotten down and dirty via text. LOVE IT.

Andy Cohen was obviously thrilled with this and joked that he was “so glad” to hear it and “that’s who those messages were from the other day”. Uh, LOL. More importantly, though, Martha hinted that she may have had a threesome before! Just what you want to think about – a 71-year-old woman having group sex. Sweet dreams! Love it! I just hope it wasn’t with Donald Trump.

Below, a little clip of Martha’s appearance (though no video yet of the ‘Did Martha Do It?’ game, unfortunately):